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Title Download Last Updated
Notice of gambling application PDF icon gambling_notice_of_application.pdf 27 Mar 2013
Notice of application for occasional use PDF icon Gambling_Occasional_Use_Notice.pdf 30 Oct 2012
Provisional statement (vessel) PDF icon Gambling_Provisional_Statement_Vessel.pdf 26 Oct 2012
Disclosure of convictions form PDF icon Disclosure_of_convictions_form.pdf 30 Nov 2012
Application for the reinstatement of a premises licence PDF icon Gambling_Premises_Licence_Reinstatement.pdf 30 Oct 2012
Application to transfer a premises licence under the Gambling Act 2005 PDF icon Gambling_Premises_Licence_Transfer.pdf 30 Oct 2012
Notice for a premises licence (Form B) PDF icon notice_for_premises_licence.pdf 26 Mar 2013
Noticeof application for a premises licence (Form A) PDF icon Gambling_Notice_of_Application_Form_A_Premsies_Licence.pdf 30 Oct 2012
Notice of gambling for occasional use. PDF icon Gambling_Occasional_Use_of_Track.pdf 30 Oct 2012
Notice of application for a provisional statement PDF icon Gambling_Notice_of_Application_form_A_Provisional_Statement.pdf 30 Oct 2012
Disclosure of convictions PDF icon convictions_disclosure.pdf 17 Jul 2017
Provisional statement PDF icon provisional_statement_form.pdf 26 Mar 2013
Notification Lacors PDF icon Gambling_Notification_Lacors.pdf 30 Oct 2012
Minor variation form PDF icon variationpremesis.pdf 18 Jul 2017
Renewal of private hire driver's licence PDF icon renewal_of_private_hire_licence.pdf 27 Mar 2013
Provisional statement PDF icon provisional_statement.pdf 21 Mar 2013
Application for a private hire vehicle licence PDF icon PHV_application.pdf 23 Oct 2012
Application to vary a premises licence PDF icon Gambling_Premises_Licence_Variation.pdf 26 Oct 2012
Provisional statement application PDF icon Gambling_Provisional_Statement_Standard_Form.pdf 26 Oct 2012
Disclosure of convictions PDF icon disclosure_of_convictions.pdf 26 Mar 2013
Vary club premises certificate PDF icon vary_club_certificate.pdf 21 Mar 2013
Application for premises licence PDF icon Gambling_Premises_Standard_Application_Form-GA01.pdf 26 Oct 2012
Club premises licence PDF icon new_premises_licence.pdf 21 Mar 2013
Premises licence PDF icon premiseslicence.pdf 18 Jul 2017
Vary premises licence PDF icon vary_premises_licence.pdf 21 Mar 2013