Waste and recycling

  1. Recycling sites

    A list of all the recycling sites in Copeland.

  2. List of bring sites

    A list of locations where residents can take their recycling.

  3. Recycling bring sites

    Recycling bring sites in Copeland

  4. What and where can I recycle?
  5. What can go in your brown bin?
  6. Do tips open on Bank Holidays?
  7. Can I take a van load to the tip?
  8. Can I put vegetable peelings in the brown bin?
  9. How do I get a compost bin?
  10. Household Waste Recycling Centre

    We have pulled together a series of frequently asked questions about household waste recycling sites - you might refer to these as the tip or dump.

    Household Waste Recycling Centres are run by Cumbria County Council - for detailed and up-to-date information please use the following numbers: 

    Household Waste Recycling Centre permit line 0845 0551118 

    Frizington Household Waste Recycling Centre 01946 813613

    Millom Household Waste Recycling Centre 01229 771447 (Currently offering limited services due to the site being flooded.)

  11. Kerbside recycling service

    We operate a kerbside recycling collection service for paper, glass and cans from households on a fortnightly basis.

  12. Recycling points

    There are over thirty recycling points throughout the borough to make recycling easy wherever you go.

  13. Household Waste Recycling Centres or tips

    Cumbria County Council operate large Household Waste Recycling Centres across Cumbria, with two in Copeland. These are sometimes known as tips.

    PLEASE NOTE: Waste Recycling Centre's are the County Councils responsibility. Copeland Borough Council are not responsible for Waste Recycling Centres. Please contact the following for further information: 

    Waste Recycling Centre permit line 0845 0551118 

    Frizington Waste Recycling Centre 01946 813613

    Millom Waste Recycling Centre 01229771447 (Currently offering limited services due to site being flooded.)

  14. Allotments

    Here you will find information about the cost of an allotment and details of how to put your name on our waiting list.

  15. Brown Bin Garden Collection

    Your brown bin is collected on a fortnightly basis between March and October.  You can check your collection dates here.

  16. Food waste digester application form

    Application form to buy a discounted food waste digester. Print this off and fill it in to apply for one of the digesters.

    For more info about these digesters and recycling, please visit



  17. MyBin

    This page provides bin collection round information based on postcode:



  1. The food waste revolution

    Why not join the food waste revolution with a food digester?

  2. Food digesters

    All you need to know about our discounted food digesters.

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