Environmental health


Environmental health

  1. Application form for a pet shop licence

    Form to use to apply for a licence to run a pet shop. Before applying be sure to read the guidance for holding such a licence.

  2. Starting a Food Business

    Here is a quick guide to setting up a food business in Copeland

  3. Insects and pests

    Here we deal with ants, cockroaches and bed bugs. We also have information sheets on:

  4. Riding establishment guidance

    Guidance relating to gaining a licence to run a riding establishment.

  5. Food Hygiene Rating System

    Consult our guide to the best restaurants and food suppliers.

  6. New Floodline number

    The Environment Agency has launched an additional Floodline number for customers

  7. Riding establishment application

    Form to use to apply for a licence to run a riding establishment.

  8. Private Water Supplies

    Concerned about the quality of your water supply? If you are on mains water contact United Utilities or if you have a Private Water Supply we can help.

  9. Hygiene ratings - places to eat in Copeland


    The truth is, you can’t tell a restaurant’s hygiene standards by how clean and tidy the staff look or by how romantic the décor and ambience is.  It’s the things you can’t see – like germs spread by bad hygiene practices – that you need to consider. There’s one easy way to set your mind at rest – check the food hygiene rating. This tells you about hygiene standards in restaurants and other food businesses. 

  10. Application for a dog breeding licence

    Application form to use if you want a licence to breed dogs.

  11. Animal boarding establishment licence

    Explanation of when a licence is required.

  12. Caravan site conditions of holding a licence

    Conditions for holding a licence to run a caravan site.

  13. Smoke Control Areas

    Do you live in a smoke contol area? You can find out by going to the 'my property' section of the website. Just click on the words 'my property' in the top green menu and enter your postcode. You will then be given a range of information about the property in which you live including whether or not it is in a smoke control area.

  14. Application form for caravan site licence

    Form to use to apply for a licence to run a caravan site. You may like to read the associated guidance about running a caravan site.

  15. Food complaints

    If you have a problem with food you have bought, the food safety team can help.

  16. Health and safety in the beauty industry

    This booklet contains advice and guidance on how to keep you and your employees safe at work. The booklet is written in simple language and tries to avoid jargon and legalese.

  17. Health and Safety

    If you run a business it is vital that you conform with health and safety legislation and that you understand your responsibilities. Here we answer some frequently asked questions about health and safety procedure.

  18. Animal boarding establishment licence

    Application form

  19. Riding establishment licence application Application form to return and complete if you wish to run a riding establishment.
  20. Coastal Erosion

    Copeland's beautiful coastline has an importnat role to play. It supports recreation, fishing and farmin as well as tourism with day trippers and holiday makers.

  21. Animal boarding establishment licence - conditions

    Terms and conditions for animal boarding establishment licence

  22. Tourism business event booking form

    Booking form for "A Guide to Consumer Protection - Supporting Tourism in Cumbria"

  23. Flooding:before, during and after

    Even if you live a long way from a river or the sea, floods can happen anywhere from a variety of sources which include surface water, blocked sewers and groundwater as well as rivers and the sea. Generally, it is up to the landowner to maintain any flood defences and to take reasonable steps not to increase the flood risk to anyone else.

  24. Smoke Control Area: Distington

    Smoke Control Area Distington

  25. Repair and renewal flood grant application form

    This is the application form you need to apply for money to pay for flood repair or prevention worl after you have suffered flooding.


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