1. Fun day helping out Haig
  2. NuGen announces new Chief Executive Officer

    NuGen, the UK new nuclear build developer, has announced that Tom Samson will take over as Chief Executive Officer to lead the company’s Moorside Project. 


  3. Have your say on Copeland's budget
  4. Summary of Achievements 2014

    A taste of some of the achievements and projects Copeland council has been involved with in the last year.

  5. Pupils take a seat for history lesson
  6. Corporate Strategy 2016-2020

    Corporate Strategy 2016-2020

  7. Our new Market Hall offices - What's changed?

    Our main reception is in the Market Hall, and we have an appointment system to help you see who you need. There is now no public access to the Copeland Centre, apart from for arranged meetings.

    Please see below for more information about the Market Hall, or call us on 019465 98300 if you would like to speak to a customer service officer.

  8. Preparing cemeteries for spring
  9. Whitehaven Parish Council hold first meeting
  10. Summary of achievements

    Each year we produce a summary of some of the things we have done through the year.

  11. Colourful choice at Market Hall
  12. Young people to have their say about Moorside

    NuGen has been working hard to engage with young people as part of its public
    consultation on plans for the Moorside Power Station. 

  13. Copeland's Christmas arrangements
  14. Seagulls - our policy

    Seagulls are part of living by the sea - but they can sometimes cause problems and this document explains how to help us address those.

  15. Copeland's beaches make the grade
  16. How do you communicate with residents?
  17. Changes to Flood Resilience Grant Scheme

    PLEASE NOTE - This information is subject to change

    Some changes have been made to the Flood Resilience Grant scheme (now known as the Property Resilience Grant Scheme), the changes reflect the developing government guidance and information district councils have received from our residents and businesses.

  18. Find out more about standing for election
  19. Big funding news for Distington

    One Copeland community is set to receive an extra dose of Christmas cheer following the news that it has been awarded at least £1m of Big Local funding.

  20. Copeland’s award-winning beaches
  21. European election results

    On May 22 Copeland voters took part in the European Parliamentary Elections. 


  22. Copeland Community Fund is looking to recruit
  23. Positive feedback from West Cumberland Hospital

    North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust has received positive feedback from those treated on its wards in the latest national inpatient survey published by the Care Quality Commission.

  24. 2015 Household Flood Payment Scheme (Cumbria)
  25. Food digesters

    All you need to know about our discounted food digesters.


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